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Click on the underlined Months for photos and information of our meetings


January 27th Mollie Mathis Gyene Spivey Millenium Quilts
February 24th Faye Costner Barbara Dow Trunk Show by Faye
March 24th --- --- Liberal Quilt Show with Mary Ellen Hopkins. Meet on Friday night and go up as a group.
March 30th Glenda Hatfield Tamra Clawson Anna Mayer will present a program on color
April 15th --- Each of us to bring something for 'snacks'! Pregnancy Crisis Centre quilts sewing day at Memorial Hospital. Please bring your sewing machine and notions for a productive day!
April 27th Phyllis Stephens Jeanette Funderburg Gadgets - Phyllis Stephens
May 25th Ellen Grice Barb Bohlander Machine Applique
June 29th Mary Anne Mayer Ellen Grice Discussion on Quilt Show Survey
July 27th Cheryl Ashpaugh Deanna Johnson Workshop with Nancy Barrett at Methodist Church Enrichment Center, 4th & Quinn.
August 31st Leanne Chaffin Barbara Dow Phyllis and Tamra
September 28th Angie OHara Judy Rice Election of Officers
October 26th
Darlene Hambleton Lisa Kennedy Christmas applique design - Jeanette Funderburg
December 7th Phyllis Stephens Mary Howell Christmas Party and dinner


January Mandy Lomax Angie O'Hara New Members/Crisis Centre
February 25th Karen McKilligan Lisa Kennedy Judy Rice demonstrates "Stack-n-Whack"
March 25th Barbara Dow Gyene Spivey Meeting will be Saturday 3/27/99 9:00am - 5:00pm at the Memorial Hospital to work on Crisis Center sewing
April 29th Terri Roberts --- Jodi Barrows, trunk show and demonstration of ruler at the Church of Christ Fellowship Building in Hooker
May 27th Beverly Armstrong Gyene Spivey Bargello flag - Beverly Armstrong
June 24th Mollie Mathis
6206 Lakeview Drive
Joan Krug Silk Ribbon Embroidery Make-it-Take-it - Ellen Grice
July 29th Leanne Chaffin Faye Costner Discussion on upcoming Quilt Show
August 26th Mary Anne Mayer
1608 N Ellison
Anna Mayer
Cheryl Ashpaugh
Snippit Clip It by Anna Mayer
October 1st
Leanne Chaffin
Texas County Activity Center
Carol Anderson Preparation for the Quilt Show. Meeting and hanging of quilts.
October 28th Barb Bohlander
1426 Rimrock Drive
Phyllis Stephens Paper piecing demonstration by Judy Rice
Nov/Dec Darlene Hambleton
404 S Roosevelt
Judy Rice Christmas Party - Guest Speaker